Success doesn’t come to you… you go to it.

- Marva Collins



Earn up to 10% of the ad revenue generated from the content you share

➡️ So focus on the content you are sharing, if its Organic/your own it gona be great, you can use google & other search engines for quality contents.


Webtalk pay you to be social

  1. CONTENT CREATORS ~Earn up to 10% of the ad revenue generated from the content you share
  2. 2. CONTENT CONSUMERS ~Earn up to 10% of the ad revenue from the content you consume including newsfeed posts, profiles, and other Webtalk pages with ads.
  3. 3. REFERRAL…

Entrepreneur One Upgrade. A Reciprocal Blessing. It Works Both Ways!

A Path To Self-Sovereignty. The Solution To Oppression.

Markethive is here and brings a whole new level to empower people. Markethive is truly a blessing and a vision to bless Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of liberty and freedom, liberty and freedom is a gift from God, so Markethive is a vision God is using to bless people…

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BRITISH HISTORY has been shaped by periodic revolts…

SOME people in Chibombo are ignorant about the outbreak of coronavirus disease (Covid-19).
Residents of Situmbeko and other areas yesterday expressed shock that there was an outbreak of a pandemic they had never heard about.
This came to light when Patriotic Front ( PF ) Central Province vice chairperson, Charity…

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It’s only week two of the kids being out of school and I’m already running low on isolation activities. So, I’ve called upon Instagram’s army of mums to collect a collaborative list of home school activities for young kids.

We’ve been using these stamps to sound out letters and practice…

Ronald Tate

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